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Tree Season

I've recorded one of the essays that you'll find in my upcoming book:

Housewife Blues: dispatches from the garden of broken things

I gave it a slideshow. It is seasonally appropriate in the moment I am posting this. "Wherever I go I see conifers strapped to the tops of cars, destined for lights and heirloom finery. All will end up desiccated, stripped and discarded sometime in January. Clearly I have mixed feelings about Christmas trees."

Photo credit list tree season slideshow

  1. Kristine Tanne @Unsplash (pine needles)

  2. Gary Bendig @Unsplash (pinecones)

  3. Keegan Ferreira @Unsplash (tree candle)

  4. Lingchor Zg @Unsplash (house in town)

  5. red car in snow

  6. Andreas Brus @Unsplash (alarmed kitty)

  7. Loly Galina @Unsplash (tree and lights)

  8. toy car with tree 1

  9. Dina Stander (her majesty)

  10. Christopher Ru @Unsplash (gold tree in green forest)

  11. Jay Wennington @Unsplash (red berry branches)

  12. Jessica Lewis @Unsplash (kitty peeking in profile)

  13. Eric McLean @Unsplash (peacock lights)

  14. Valentin Petkov @Unsplash (wishes)

  15. Marc Chagall

  16. World's oldest tree (seriously)

  17. kiddie car

  18. Garret Bear @Unsplash (madre mezcal)

  19. Marc Chagall

  20. Marc Chagall

  21. Kevin Weigand @Unsplash (kitty in the blue light)

  22. toy car and tree 2

  23. The View from Stuyvesant Town, by Joe Stander

  24. An antiquity

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