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End of Life and After Death Care

resources ~ information ~ support


 Before death: 

  • Exploring options for end of life preparation

  • Legacy projects & personal rituals for healing

  • Transition coaching for caretakers & family

  • Information & referral

After death:​

  • Grief Companion

  • Celebrant/officiant services

  • Obituary writing

  • Home funeral & green burial support

  • Shrouding

Photo: David James, The Bridge of Names, Lake Pleasant, MA

If you want to die a natural death, you have to plan for it.

Are you navigating intricate transitions towards the end of life; for yourself, or with 

someone you love? Maybe illness or death have collided with your world in a sudden way, and you are coping with making immediate arrangements. Or perhaps you are planning well ahead and have initiated conversations with family, looked at Advance Directives, or participated in a Death Cafe. If your needs are more immediate, you could be researching Hospice care, thinking about engaging an end-of-life doula, or considering options for disposition of remains. 


I'm here with support that makes a difference. 

I can help you clarify what dying well will mean for you, and for your loved ones; provide resources & referral; help you prioritize needs and goals; and be your companion on the path.

My work is to support families as they learn and practice new caregiving skills.

This is a picture of Dina Stander, her face is framed in an oval shapd frame. She is looking over her glasses and smiling. She has dark curly hair and looks friendly.

Here is a link to valuable information about funeral and end of life planning c/o The Order of the Good Death.

This is how it works:


I am here to share knowledge and support families as they learn and practice new caregiving skills. Be in touch with me, my contact information is at the bottom of this page. We can email, text, or talk on the phone. I am always ready to answer your questions and help you make plans. We may talk just once, or we may spend more time together exploring your needs and working on advance directives, legacy projects, resource access and care planning. End-of-life navigation and Celebrant services are shaped by your unique situation. Once you've filled me in, we can decide together how my offerings will best meet your needs or whether it is more appropriate for me to provide referral to another 

helpful professional.

A few things you should know:

  • If we're local and/or it helps, I can make home visits.

  • If I don't offer or know something I will help you find someone who does.

  • I work on a sliding fee scale, there is always a fair and affordable way.

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