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Online! November 4-6

A place where EOLDs in all stages of practice can gather with ease to learn, play & connect.

Leaning In

End-of-life Doula Retreat~at~Home

Workshop Offerings


~Doula Self Care 101 ~ Making Personal Altars

Body Basics & Last Hours

After-death Body Care for EOLDs

VSED - short films and discussion

A Doula's Grief Navigator Toolkit   

How to Set a Sliding Fee Scale

Doula Self Care 201 ~ Making Bone Broth

(w/a vegetarian option)

Meet The Team


Susannah Crolius

Susannah Crolius, M. Div. is a spiritual director, creative practitioner and retreat leader. She is the founder of the art + soul community. Susannah’s spiritual and creative life cannot be separated.  Artmaking is her spiritual practice and her form of storytelling. Susannah’s found object altars and shrines mark sacred space where the deepest stories can emerge, offering quiet veneration to the fluid and surprising life of the inner spirit. Find out more at


Lee Webster

Lee Webster is an author, educator, and internationally known public speaker and advocate for funeral reform, including home funerals and green burial. She has served in leadership positions of the National Home Funeral Alliance, Green Burial Council, Conservation Burial Alliance, National End-of-Life Doula Alliance, and NHPCO EOLD Council. She is Director of New Hampshire Funeral Resources & Education and co-creator of the Partnership.


Kemper Carlsen

Kemper Carlsen, BSN, RN, is the Clinical Director of Hospice of the Fisher Home, a residential/community hospice program in Amherst, MA. She is joining us to teach Body Basics, skill building and tips on how to manage fluids and secretions, how to recognize and address air hunger, and non medical resources for tending to delirium and terminal agitation so that we can bring our people more ease in their last hours.


Aimee Francaes

Amy Francaes is a Chef. She was originally invited to cook for the Retreat (if it happened in person). To be honest, we asked her to be a part of Leaning~In because her Bone Broth is truly a healing elixir. She says, “I am ever seeking ways that the community can come together around locally-sourced food. Goodness happens at the kitchen table at home, giving the people we care for access to locally-sourced, nutrient-dense foods."


Dina Stander

The Leaning~In EOLD Retreat-at-Home began as a spark in the heart of one doula. Dina Stander has been working in end-of-life care and education for fifteen years. She is the founder of the Northeast Death Care Collaborative, a doula-mentor & End-of-life Navigator. She is also a poet and burial shroud maker. You can learn more about her work at

A place where EOLDs in all stages of practice can gather with ease to learn, play & connect.

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