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Being a poet is not really a life plan, it is certainly not a sensible way to make a living, and most of your friends are not really that interested if they are being honest. Meanwhile, the words pour out sometimes, and now and then they come together in a way that fits just right. The best way to know if it's right is to get yourself out to an open mic and read your work! There will be the susurrus of listening, the little ah's and sighs that let you know you have hit the mark. I am working on a second book. Here is a cover shot of the first one.


I am immensely grateful for the support of the creative community in western Massachusetts that fosters so much good writing and encourages so many brave readers and spoken word pioneers. 

All the poetry on this page is my original work. Most has been published, not all. Don't steal from me please, if you share my work give attribution and send me a note to let me know where my words travel to.


You can order a book directly from me, or Amazon.



from our fathers we are gifted

half the sky

the rest we must fly on our own


from our mothers we are gifted

half the earth

the rest we must dig on our own


I'm not sure how it is

that we begin to know

in our fingers in our hearts


how to spin threads of continuity

through & through to sustain

a coherent existence


in the grace of a last breath

it is this quilt of

sewn together elements


all of sky

all of earth

pierced & pulled whole


just then a summation


with this self made cloth

we cover our bodies our faces

when finally our eyes have closed


I forgot to ask

Poem for Pasach

all my might