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Death Care Resources for Disabled People

~ living is NOT one size fits all, death isn't either ~

Welcome, this page is here to provide a selection of resources specific to the needs and concerns of people with disabilities who are navigating end-of-life transitions, for themselves or a loved one. People working in end-of-life care also need access to resources that will support best practices and encourage learning. A disabled person facing death has already been living life in a world that is not built to accommodate their needs. This page will provide updated and relevant information and tools for disabled people, caregivers, and their service providers. Disabled folks can also have a 'good death' and deserve access to care, and equity in care, until and after last breath. 

Resources specific to the needs of children/teens:
Resources specific to the needs of adults:
Resources specific to the needs of Elders:
Resources specific to the LGBTQA community:
Getting help in an emergency:
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