• Dina Stander

Safe home Lawrence Ferlinghetti ~ 2/23/21

In 2019 I watched an interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti. At one point in the conversation he was hanging something up on a wall, pounding a nail, laughing, he looked over his shoulder at the camera. There was a spark. I wrote this poem, which I later published to honor his centennial birthday. Today we hear of his death @101.

(photos via The Guardian, with a tip o' the hat to my Uncle Petey too).

Take This Hammer

(in honor of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's hundredth birthday)

Watch an old man

pound a nail into

the wall and know

that once he could

set a nail, that

same small thing,

with one or two

swings of a strong

arm. Watch an

old man hit the

nail on the head

over and over

striking on center,

sure that in time

it will set in the

sweet spot. Watch