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Prayer to Bless the Earth Receiving Burials at Hart Island

April 2020, when the fabric of our lives has been torn by pandemic covid-19.

Prayer to Bless the Earth Receiving Burials at Hart Island, Bronx, NY

We come to this moment with new understanding of the predicament of being mortal, learning to be distant yet shoulder to shoulder with one another. As we labor in essential work or shelter in place, we are witness to this great wave of home~going. We send this blessing to Hart Island. May our words carry our caring intention to the breath and hands that deliver our beloved dead to this ground. May their bodies be received in sanctity, together. At this time when we cannot stand holding each other up beside our person's grave, we place them gently and gratefully in the care of other's arms to gift their bones to mother Earth. Let the tears we shed be blessed to find their way to fall as rain on Hart Island. May the tides carry our love to these shores to be endlessly received. May the songs we sing for our dead dance in the wind and be forever heard. May the stories we tell of this time hold in their rhythm a pause to honor the lifelines that will forever connect us to this place and the beloved souls buried here, together. May each breath be a solace and may remembering bring a blessing.

Wishing everyone reading these words a nest (or cave) where you can tend your sorrows, and safe travels, and good health. For support that makes a difference you can reach me at:

photo(cropped): Todd Heisler/The New York Times

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