• Dina Stander

Poem: shout!

photo: Richard Lee @ unsplash


sometimes I feel

the weight of what

is yet to come

in the marrow

of my bones

like a dread

pinning my wings

stunning my thoughts

stilling my voice

next breath

tell myself

but not yet

so I shout

into the wind

the names of

what I love

like tossing a boulder

into the pond

where the ripples

will continue to

cross the waters

of my time

so that

the impression

of what I love

has a motion

in the future

where the ripple

meets it's shore

sometimes I feel

the weight of what

is yet to come

and instead of

pushing it off

I open my heart

hold it close


with compassion

hoping our past

can heal our future

meeting myself

in the middle

eyes wide open

shouting the names

of what I love

into the wind

with all my might

~ Dina Stander

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