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poem: just asking

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

This poem and collage duet is part of the online 'Waiting Room' exhibit with Arts at UJA. The other work in the show is very much worth your time to experience.

"This exhibition asks to embrace the uncertainties of this moment, and proposes to dwell in the uneasiness of not knowing what will come next. As we collectively find ourselves confounded to a waiting room we did not ask to enter, this exhibition wonders how to re-envision a space for introspection, reflection and preparation for what life could look like on the other end, as we will make our way through the exit. In this waiting room, we can choose to seize the opportunity to re-define how do we share a space, re-create our communication, connections, our daily rituals and our engagement with the world." Here are the links:

Hands [assemblage of found objects and photo booth images] Dina Stander 2007

just asking ~ poem Dina Stander 2020

It's 2020, just before Thanksgiving. We are not getting together with my 90 year old mom for a cheerful family meal gathered around her table, but I will drop by to see her. I am still humming Hard Times Come Again No More. We are all doing our best at managing the personal shadowlosses on top of the election stress and the covid sorrow. When I settle into bed at night I curl around the small animal heat of myself and whisper, "it's ok, for now it's ok."

Grateful for small comforts. And for rest. And for art.

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