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On Radical Kinship

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I often mention the practice of radical kinship in my writing on these pages. With so many platforms to write on/from these days I can lose track of what I put where. Luckily, facebook provides the magical courtesy of gifts from the Way Back Machine and this one just popped up. I am posting it here on my blog because, three years later, this is still the most precise account of how I came to this understanding of myself being connected to everything else. 2020 was a tremendously hard year and here at the start of 2021 it does not look like the pressures of being an earthling will ease up any time soon. Radical kinship, acting from the heart of our relationship with all things, is the best way I know to wake myself from numbness.

photo: Dina Stander

a bowler hat turned like a bowl to hold dollars and change, on a leafy sidewalk

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