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The World in Faces: photos by Alexander Khimushin

I want you to meet this human being. Because some time in the middle of this last winter I had a day that was too hard to bear. When I feel this kind of despair I go looking for beauty as a remedy. I was color starved and sad, stuck on a dirt road in the woods in the deep of ice season. So I surfed the interwebs and came across this smile. I stopped and stared and wept and laughed. I have kept her close since, to remind me that this world that is so full of chaos is also full of goodness.

This photo was taken by Alexander Khimushin, who went on epic travels through Siberia to photograph indigenous people. This is a Tazy Woman. From Mikhailovka, Olga Bay, Primorsky Krai, Far East Siberia.

Here is the link to see more of his amazing work:

Here is a photo from the Tazy people's part of the world:

And here is a map:

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