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A Day at the Office:

Work today is a story about a memorial service in an old New England church, with the tall windows that let all the light in and simple pews; a place built more for solace than for comfort. And about a family that has shared a long road, 4 surviving siblings from 7 remembering the one who taught them how to climb out of the crib. And about cousins who light candles and nephews who come to speak for the dead. A story about the way music winds through a room gently binding us up in beauty, and the way familial voices mingle in call and response. A story about the way an old man's tears come after, when all is said and done. A story about finding ourselves in an unexpected hug, being witness to love. Work today is a story about the way all is forgiven even if you have not specifically said so. A story about gratitude and release. A good day at the office.

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