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Wellbeing Coach

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Rituals for Healing 

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Celebrant Services

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My Story

I am a Celebrant and coach, an end-of-life navigator and poet. Over a decade ago a season of loss shifted my life in two new directions; I became interested in the power of encouragement to balance wellbeing and chronic health challenges, and I began to study end of life and after-death care. Since then I've been a hospice volunteer, a hospital chaplain, and earned certification as an End of Life Doula and Life-Cycle Funeral Celebrant. I've also trained in the fields of positive psychology, wellbeing & transitions coaching, and community health education. Be in touch, I'm interested to hear your story.

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”We can not thank you enough for how you helped us through the months before and the days during and after dad's death. I'm loving how this is unfolding. I'm looking forward to being with everyone to celebrate dad's life and all of our journeys around this ceremony."

Tim C.

"M's celebration of life was just as I imagined and hoped it would be! Lots of love, laughter and sharing and a lovely time which I know he would have enjoyed. Many thanks to you for helping to set the scene and create the right atmosphere into which all could relax and share if they chose."

Ramana K.

"Wow. Dina, the three of us are SO grateful for our time. REALLY important. I feel seen and met. Mom says it helped her a lot."

Kate H.

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